LOX – Logistics Services

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Our mission: remove obstacles.

Nothing shall hamper your success in your aspirations to conquer the market. From the very beginning, we have always offered accessory services and today we are a full service logistics company capable of helping you cut overheads in every field.

We offer storage services, value added services, a modern warehouse management service as well as procurement and distribution logistics services, either at your premises or in one of our multi-user centers.

Because we are specialized in whatever is not standard, we clearly stand out from other logistics companies and are unbeatable as logistics contractors for machinery, rail goods, energy, and Oil & Gas sectors. Your logistics and shipping department is a problem? Follow the example of many other clients and entrust us with everything. In our capacity as fourth party logistic services provider (4PL), we can do anything for you – we can even iron your shirts, if necessary.



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