Air Freight

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We take off for you

GRUBER Logistics offers you joint consignments (Consoles) in the context of air transports, but also global full and partial charter flights. Whether door-to-door delivery or direct IATA transports, we offer everything at our house. We can organize your whole pre- and post – carriage.

It is also our standard business practice to help you with the packaging, national and international customs clearance, consignment tracking or hazardous materials handling including the documentation.

You can obviously fall back on our own stocks for air freight.

In the context of our company group we are able to offer you the newest AEO service standards (authorized economic operator) ex Germany and with this we are once again ahead of the times.

As an AEO – authorized economic operator GRUBER Logistics is registered as very reliable at the European customs authorities.

This very special relationship of mutual trust leads to much lower controls of the ex- and imports which GRUBER Logistics dispatches. In this way the consignments reach the recipient earlier and normally incidental customs examinations and warehouse charges are avoided. Furthermore, GRUBER Logistics proved before the AEO certification, that all the obligations relating to the European anti-terrorism law are observed. With this GRUBER Logistics protects the clients from unpleasant surprises.

Before you blow your tops, it is better to ask GRUBER Logistics.

We offer you:

– Joint consignments (consoles); global full and partial charter flights
– Direct flights
– Charter flights
– Express and courier services
– Import


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