XTL – International Heavy & Special Transport

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Moving mountains: nobody does it like we do.

No cargo is too big, too long, too tall or too heavy for us: we are the specialists in Europe in this field.

Our multi-decade experience in planning and handling complex projects and our ultra-modern fleet of special vehicles allow us to always expertly and skillfully manage each situation. Our team of 160 experts works exclusively in the heavy and special transport sector at European level, providing solutions that are always of superior professional grade.

We have heavily invested in special equipment for many different sectors and are therefore capable of transporting almost everything for any sector: agriculture, building construction, energy, naval and mechanical construction, plant engineering and railway.



>> Inland navigation | >> Printing machines | >> Transport permits and escort vehicle service | >> Heavy Lift | >> Load securing | >> Long goods | >> Railed vehicles and bogies | >> Heavy cargo store | >> Heavy cargo assembly | >> Heavy duty dump trigger | >> Special vehicles fleet | >> Vario Tarpaulin