Steel Logistics

To bundle flows of goods is our job

GRUBER Logistics is an expert in bundling flows of goods and providing the customers just in time. In this context we respect your ordinary company procedures and needs, in order to allow you an optimal flow of goods.

You can count on the fact, that your goods will be loaded and unloaded cautiously. They will reach your clients, when they are needed.

This is our job, day by day, throughout Europe, this is GRUBER Logistics.


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Beverage Logistics


To avoid any damage

Beverage is a very special good – GRUBER Logistics knows how to deal with it.

So, we can offer you demand-oriented distribution of beverages. Obviously, we have adequate stock capacities in our European branches and, in this way, we can guarantee you strategic important and cost-saving availability just in time.

Due to our own network of branches we have the possibility to provide production-adapted collecting of empties, also during the high season, without raising the costs. We have already pioneered in this sector in Italy a few years ago.

Your means of advertisement will be transported on the same ways as your goods. In this way, your company will be present where your product is consumed, at every time.


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Marble and Nature stone Logistics


Stones – with strategy, please

Marble and nature stones as a transport good represent a major challenge. Because: all stones are different. Therefore, our over-40-year-experience in the nature stone sector has led to our own industry solution.

Our trained staff with specially equipped vehicles guarantees safe national and international transport.

Furthermore, GRUBER Logistics offers you high product availability through systematic storage of goods.


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Paper Logistics


Paper partners

GRUBER Logistics has always been a strong partner of the printing and paper industry. We store and handle format as well as roll papers.
For the paper logistics we use our reliable and successful warehouse and distribution network. In this way we establish short response times as required with a continuous flow of goods. When and how you want it – just in time.

COIL – dumpers

GRUBER Logistics plc every day moves more than 100 COIL – dumpers. 95% of these intermodal vehicles are operated by railroad. Thus, we respect the environment and take advantage of the much higher loading capacity of up to 29 tons.

GRUBER Logistics – not only paperboard.


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International Freight Management


Systematic transportations

We aren’t a readymade logistician, but a “system provider”

As such we think and act networked. With this way of thinking, and our logistics strategies, we put you among the leaders in the international competition.

GRUBER Logistics promotes:

– Optimal freight groupings
– Adequate transport routes and means of transport
– Shorter lead and delivery times
– More flexibility
– Shorter response times
– Gapless trace and track systems
– Less capital commitment


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Solar Parks


Clean the sun

For some years now, GRUBER Logistics has been developing a strong expertise in the winning solar energy sector. Through the combination of our own Business Units the group can offer, in particular for solar parks, tailor-made supply chain offers.

In this context we put into practice Full Truck Loads with many vehicles on the one hand, in order to bring many solar panels and supporting frames to the construction site in short times. On the other hand, we offer the entire range of heavy load logistics for transporting e.g, inverters or wheel loaders to your construction site.

We can arrange in proximity of your construction site temporary stocks, too, so that your site will be provided just in time, but also for safeguarding material assets.

As an additional service for the solar sector, GRUBER Logistics makes available construction-site equipment and cranes, as well as office and staff containers.

For us it is self-evident, that we support our clients with sea freight and the customs clearance, when their goods come for example from Asia. Thus, you can feel all-around supported.

With GRUBER Logistics the sun shows her most beautiful smile.


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