Heavy Lift

We move – over 1,800 tons

With the GRUBER Logistics HEAVY LIFT PROGRAM we can offer you tailor-made logistics solutions for heavy good transports. For this program we have a staff of 80 people.

For moving the goods physically, GRUBER Logistics counts on a sophisticated system of modular vehicles, which can be combined and used in many ways.

So, in our own fleet there are inter alia 4-axle-tractors with module trailers with 3- or 5-axle modules and excavating bridges, extendable vessel-decks or carriers, low-beds with up to 45 axle lines in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-axle modules of the Goldhofer and Scheuerle brand mark. You can combine up to 212 alternatives.

An additional service is the use of tracking cranes and self-propelled flat bed trucks. In this way GRUBER Logistics moves and positions heavy goods which weigh more than 1,800 tons.


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