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Europe in the most natural way

As a multinational logistics company GRUBER Logistics offers you obviously also an international distribution service. From Portugal to the Black Sea, from Iceland to Kazakhstan, from Denmark to Montenegro. From professional to competent.

GRUBER Logistics has an own route network knit over many years of 52 correspondents in many European countries. Therefore, we can guarantee you the delivery of any good within 48 hours.

In addition to our own route network, we are connected with the CargoLine Logistics Network. Every day we stop at the headquarters in Fulda. Visit >> CargoLine Logistics Network

Due to the collaboration with GRUBER Logistics soon you’ll naturally be able to say: “My market is Europe.”

In detail we offer you these route:

12 routes to Germany
9 routes to France
6 routes to Spain
5 routes to Austria
4 routes to Poland
3 routes to the Baltic States
2 routes to Greece
2 routes to Portugal
2 routes to England
1 route to Nord Ireland
1 route to Ireland
1 route to Scotland
1 route to Hungary
1 route to the Czech Republic
1 route to Slovakia
1 route to ex-Yugoslavia
1 route to Denmark
1 route to Scandinavia
1 route to Bulgaria


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