Heavy Transport


Special to the specialists

Planning is everything, both in the heavy load and Project Cargo sector. Because every of these transport diverges considerably from the Road Traffic Act regulations. Our experienced collaborators know this because they have been carrying out for many decades heavy load and special transports in different European countries respecting the different national legislations – reliably and looking ahead.

In time we ask for the transport permits and plan the complex transport of your heavy load down to the last detail. We don’t leave anything to chance, never.

GRUBER Logistics has a very huge fleet of special vehicles in many strategic important places throughout Europe. Therefore, we have always the right vehicle for every request. Besides, we have a very huge special equipment, for example low-loader trailer or excavating bridges and many more.

Furthermore, we have access to all necessary means of transport within professional networks of specialists.

That is what makes sure, that GRUBER Logistics even here belongs to the market leaders in Europe. You’ll be on the safe side: best, you leave special things to the specialists.


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Transport permits and escort vehicles service

We’ll do it for you

GRUBER Logistics has different permit departments, which are familiar with the respective state laws and can obtain rapidly and reliably every kind of permit for your special transport with the whole procedure exactly on schedule and straightforward.

Moreover, GRUBER Logistics has an own special vehicles fleet, which is exclusively available for escorting special transports at every time throughout Europe.

You already know our motto: you press the button we do the rest.


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Special vehicles fleet

We lead thanks to our special fleet

Over the decades GRUBER Logistics has developed special sector solutions, setting standards in the sector of heavy load and special logistics
Through our solutions we can guarantee you not only efficient warehousing and reliable handling, but we carry out different professional modification work and the maintenance of your machinery, too.

In short: these are our value-added services for you, which brings the advantage of the market to your company through our experience

Ask us for them.


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Heavy duty dump trigger


A couple of years ago GRUBER Logistics developed a solution for transporting circular goods up to 82 tons under tarpaulins. Thereby, we use a flat bed trailer with a special structure.

This solution makes it possible to transport your circular goods despite the heavy weight under tarpaulins and to bring them dry and clean to the clients. Furthermore, this construction reduces immense costs and brings you in a better position on the market compared with your competitors.

An unbeatable advantage for you.


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Vario Tarpaulin


The star of the industry

VARIO TARPAULINS are the star within the industry when it comes to the transport of machinery, vehicles or system components, which, independent of their weight and dimensions, must be transported under tarpaulins.

GRUBER Logistics developed a series of these expandable VARIO TARPAULIN trailers and can so offer you the possibility of transporting your goods with an empty weight up to 32 tons, a height of 3.90 meters and a width of 5 meters under tarpaulins by 3, 4 or 5 axle VARIOTARPAULIN trailers.

In addition, the goods are loaded very fast. It takes only 10 minutes to load your goods, because the tarpaulins can be folded together like a curtain.

Under tarpaulin the complex packaging is no longer necessary and nevertheless the goods reach their destination dry and clean.

But see for yourself:

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Heavy Lift

We move – over 1,800 tons

With the GRUBER Logistics HEAVY LIFT PROGRAM we can offer you tailor-made logistics solutions for heavy good transports. For this program we have a staff of 80 people.

For moving the goods physically, GRUBER Logistics counts on a sophisticated system of modular vehicles, which can be combined and used in many ways.

So, in our own fleet there are inter alia 4-axle-tractors with module trailers with 3- or 5-axle modules and excavating bridges, extendable vessel-decks or carriers, low-beds with up to 45 axle lines in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-axle modules of the Goldhofer and Scheuerle brand mark. You can combine up to 212 alternatives.

An additional service is the use of tracking cranes and self-propelled flat bed trucks. In this way GRUBER Logistics moves and positions heavy goods which weigh more than 1,800 tons.


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The energy source

The continuously growing energy sector is changing in the European Union every day. Increasing energy requirements of private consumers and companies have to be satisfied to affordable prices.

For this reason existing facilities are continually modernized and new ones built. Reactors, transformers and generators of the very latest generation have to be transported from their production facilities to their destinations in Europe.

GRUBER Logistics has the right know how and trained staff for doing these transports. We are partners of some global players of the European energy industry and our company can offer you every kind of energy transport logistics at predictable costs.

GRUBER Logistics. We conduct electricity.


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Long goods

It couldn’t be longer

In special things the wheat separates from the chaff. Only those, who own a variable and wide special vehicle fleet, can really do the transport of long goods of every kind.

GRUBER Logistics manages a close knit network for long goods in Europe.

With our company’s own special vehicles we can carry long goods in almost all dimensions. In addition, we have adequate possibilities of storage in all of our branches.

Here, too, we have to say: leave special things up to the specialists.


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Railed vehicles and bogies

Transporting as on rails

Railed vehicles and bogies have to be transported with expertise and caution. GRUBER Logistics has huge experience in this transport sector and moves regularly railed vehicles or bogies to their national or international destinations.

In our wide vehicles fleet you can find a set of special transport units for this kind of transport. Our low bed and extendable trailers are particular suitable for individual solutions. Therefore, locomotives and wagons are in good hands with GRUBER Logistics.

Glide as on rails, with GRUBER Logistics it is possible on the road.


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Printing machines

We revolve for you

From the single printing machine up to the complete printing machine line, GRUBER Logistics transports your goods to the destination desired. At the same time, we support you by just-in-time-delivery and avoid any downtimes. Our specialised staff would like to give you more information.


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